Mike Kammerer

Mike was grew up in Ontario and moved to Western Canada at age 18 to indulge his passion for mountains and exploring the wilderness. He went to college for geology, and has always remained deeply interested in science and the natural world. He alternates seasonally between working and traveling in remote places, and focussing on his sculptural practice in the studio in Victoria. He has been making sculptural work for 17 years and has exhibited at galleries in Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Victoria.

Working primarily in wood, Mike's sculptures are inspired by living things from the present and the deep past. His work is an inquiry into the nature of organic life and evolution, and it questions how we relate and identify with nature considering the array of new knowledge that scientific research has provided. He brings into question the assumption of a human centered world by elevating micro-organisms, fossil-like forms and rudimentary organic structures into objects of significance and reverence.


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