Mike Kammerer

Mike Kammerer is a self-taught artist who is deeply interested in science and the natural world. His work is a philosophical investigation into biological life and origins, as well as a disciplined exploration into the use and possibilities of structure as a medium. Working primarily in wood, Kammerer creates primal, fossil-like structures that are a synthesis of unconscious fragments, music, geometry, and biomorphic elements from the present and deep past.

Kammerer grew up in Waterloo, Ontario and moved to Western Canada as a young adult to indulge his passion for exploring and being in the wild. He studied geology at Sir Sandford Fleming College, and his employment has taken him to remote places all over Western and Northern Canada. He is also a musician and songwriter, and has built an off-grid artist-retreat cabin in a remote part of the British Columbia Interior. Following his deep personal convictions, Kammerer has maintained a practice of self-educating throughout his life to inform his perspective and his studio art practice. He has been exhibiting his work since 2005, with exhibitions in Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle, and Los Angeles. He currently resides in Victoria BC.